How to Care for Roses

How To Care for RosesĀ 

Roses can be quite temperamental and difficult to deal with but the joy of being able to cultivate and flourish an entire rose bush is definitely worth all the time. There are quite a few steps in caring for roses however out of all those only seven are deemed important and known as the basics.


Before we proceed to the seven basic steps on how to care for roses allow me to enumerate the three major types of roses. First rose specie are those best recognized by their Latin name beginning in R which stands for Rosa. These types of roses bloom only once and have single petals. Their bushes grow up to a maximum of 20 feet. Second rose specie is the old garden rose which is quite famous for the heady fragrance. These types bloom annually and have great hip produce. Last rose specie is the modern rose. The most famous of which is the Hybrid tea introduced primarily by the well-known rose breeder, Guillot a Frenchman.


The seven basic steps on how to care for roses are as follows.


One: choose field grown plants. Its best to choose budded plants and those that have not been pruned.


Two: When planting roses, select an area that is well-drained and sunny. Make sure to cut off bruised and broken roots. To facilitate drainage, place pebbles in the hole that has been dug to around six inches deep and follow it with a tablespoon of compost. Plain soil should be covered over mixture before creating a mound where the plant would be placed. Fill the hole with plain soil around three times.


Three: feeding roses would depend on its type and season. Early spring when the buds begin to swell is the signal for initial feeding which is done by clearing away the mulch then working the plant food into the soil surrounding the plant. Immediately after the first bloom comes the time for the secondary feeding while tertiary feeding is done in the late season of summer.


Four: During peak summer periods, roses require all the watering if rainfall becomes insufficient. Take note that in watering roses, the soil should be soaked reaching a depth of eight inches.


Five: Preventing pests and diseases that plague roses is effortless. Simply dust weekly or every ten days. Follow it up with chemicals that fight against fungus, sucking and chewing insects.


Six: Prune roses done during early spring just when leaf buds start swelling. Seven: If summer affects roses, winter does too. The solution is simple: mulching the surrounding soil with peat moss or straw helps regulate the temperature of soil plus tempers effects of thawing and freezing.


Those are just the basic steps on how to care for roses which is quite easy to do on your own. No more hefty bills on hiring a florist or gardener to do your rose planting for you. Simply follow through with these seven basic steps and in no time you’ll have a flourishing garden of your own right in your yard, pergola or verandah.


Keep in mind that the key on how to care for roses all depends on two factors: the type of rose you plant and the type of season it grows in. Growing roses isn’t rocket science nor is it chicken feed. It takes practice and skill in cultivating the soil, cutting of roots, feeding and watering the plant just like any other flower that grows in a flourishing backyard.





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