Caring for Roses

This very first paragraph starts off with great news about caring for roses which you are going to love. As far as pruning your rose bush is concerned it is perfectly OK to cut beautiful roses off your bush and put them in a vase to be enjoyed in your own home. In fact it is not only OK but you actually need to cut roses off. You can cut some of them for your own house or you can even cut all of them off. Is it selfish, is it harmful to the rose bush? No and no. Well it could be selfish to deprive the neighborhood of such beauty but it is not selfish or harmful to your rose bush. If you leave the roses on the bush it takes a lot of the sugar and energy from the bush. You could say it zaps the bushes energy and so prevents the growth of new roses. By cutting and removing roses it allows new ones to grow and replace the removed roses.

So what this means is you can liberally give roses to spouses, significant others, neighbors and guests. Which is a big deal. People love receiving roses. And it doesn’t have to be a female either men also love getting roses. And why not they are beautiful and adorn a house. If you remove the rose just as it’s starting to bloom or even when it is still just a bud you will get longer vase life out of it. So go ahead and be liberal with your pruning and enjoy there will be plenty more where they came from.

General pruning is extremely important in the care of roses. It is usually done in the spring after the plant has been dormant for the winter. At this stage pruning is done to remove the dead, broken, or diseased wood from the plant. This helps to provide the plant with space so the air can move through it as well as keeping it healthy. Pruning is also done to shape the rose plant. The next stage of pruning is when the plant blooms as covered above.

Roses love sun bathing. When looking for a spot to plant your rose bush make sure it is not on the shady side of your house. Roses need six to seven hours of direct sunlight per day. Even roses that supposedly do well in the shade still need four or five hours of direct sunlight per day.

Finally let’s discuss fertilizers. First of all roses have been around for thousands of years long before fertilizers were around and they did fine. However some soil could benefit from fertilizer and if this is the case it is best to use organic fertilizer and that’s because the organisms, the good organisms that help your rose bushes are able digest the organic fertilizer making the soil permanently more fertile. Where as inorganic fertilizer can kill the good organisms thus making your roses dependent on more fertilizer.