Rose Care

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Rose Care

Roses are very beautiful when they have big, thick blooms with rich, gorgeous color. However, knowing the proper gardening techniques to grow such roses does not come naturally. People have to learn how to care for roses. Great gardeners were not really born with a green thumb. They learned how to give their plants the proper care and anyone can learn the same. Learning how to care for roses includes the mastery of eight different elements needed to grow great roses. These eight steps include choosing good spot for the bush, picking an appropriate rose, knowing how to plant roses properly, mulching, giving the rose food, giving it water, spraying it, and pruning. Each one of these steps are essential to growing excellent roses.

Rose Care

The first thing that anyone needs to know when learning how to care for roses is how to pick a good spot. Make sure to find an area where the rose can grow without much disturbance. For example, while roses may look beautiful next to the front door, if there is a lot of traffic in and out of that door there is a greater chance that someone may mess with the roses or otherwise harm the bush. Most roses are pretty hardy and can withstand a little mistreatment. However, for the sake of the newbie gardener more than the bush itself, it is a good idea to start off by growing the roses in a location that is a little more isolated. Make sure that the chosen location has plenty of sunlight. Remove any weeds or other stray plants that may choke the roots of the bush and even draw pests and disease.

Next, choose a rose that is appropriate for the spot. Some people suggest that this should actually be the first step. The issue is however, that the rose bush chosen might not thrive well in the area that is available. Once the planned location of the rose has been identified a rose bush can be chosen whose needs can be met in that spot. There are a wide variety of roses and many of them have different water, soil, and lighting requirements.


Now it is time to actually plant the rose bush. Most rose bushes do not look like very much when they are first purchased, but a good gardener can bring out their maximum potential. Dig a hole in the dirt nice and deep. Make sure that there are not any leftover roots from any plants or weeds that have been removed, as these can begin to grow again and choke the rose, hindering its proper growth.

After the bush has been planted it is time to mulch. Good mulch can be bought or taken from a compost pile. Spread a good layer of mulch around the base of the bush. This serves to aid in water retention and feeding while providing the rose with many important nutrients. Besides the initial feeding it is good to feed the rose after each major blooming period. Some people do not recommend feeding the rose this often, but roses grow the best when they have plenty of food. However, it is important to restrain from giving the rose any food a few weeks before the first frost.

Watering is important for roses, but be sure not to over-water them as this can actually hinder proper growth. In areas where there is a lot of rain, watering the rose may prove to be unnecessary. The same thing goes for misting. The blooms need to have some moisture applied directly on them but rain and fulfill this need. The pruning, however, does have to be done. Give the bush a good trimming after every major round of blooms and be sure to remove any dead parts quickly.

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